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We meet on a Wednesday morning from 11am to 1pm at Stalham Youth Club's hall in the recreation ground.

We offer a range of classes to help ladies discover hidden talent in a range of Art and Craft therapies, with tutors who are sensitive to our needs. The range of classes are stimulating and diverse, but there is no pressure to join in, although we have found the classes to be really beneficial in helping with gaining self confidence and developing friendships. (We sell our artwork: please visit our ARTWORK FOR SALE page.) Stalham is a rural area, and many who attend would otherwise struggle in isolation were it not for SWAN. We receive referrals from Hellesdon Hospital and local surgeries who refer patients who are unable to access mental health services due to the cutbacks in this area of funding from the Government. Many ladies are slipping through the net and we are here to help them when they fall. We help you feel secure and valued!

"SWAN is a fantastic initiative. It was great to visit and talk to the ladies there. They made it very clear just how important this group is for them.

It gives them companionship, friendship and warmth and helps them through dificult times. I have great admiration for everyone involved in making this possible".

Norman Lamb MP North Norfolk

SWAN was founded in 2005 by two psychiatric nurses based at Stalham Staithe Surgery to address a need for a safe and supportive environment for ladies who feel isolated or lonely, or suffer from a mental health issue. Our ethos is that any lady of any age or ethnicity, can gain support from fellow sufferers, and to show that there is hope. Together we will improve life!


Ladies can identify with fellow sufferers, knowing that no matter what illness they have, someone else has been there before, and will support them through it. We work with the WEA (Workers Education Association) which provides tutors to work with the group to ensure everyone is included, and the range of activities is appropriate to all. We also hold art exhibitions which gives the local community the opportunity to get to know SWAN and enjoy their work. We work to help ladies gain confidence by being on hand to meet in public, each taking turns to steward. The exhibition was held in Stalham Church last year and was a great success. SWAN celebrated their 10th Anniversary last year